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Royal Gems Pavilion Phuket

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Royal Gems Pavilion - is not just a jewelry factory, but a magnificent palace, in which time slows down and is refracted and the sophistication and brilliance of jewelery outshines the eyes. Here we have created a truly royal team of professional working jewelers, gemologists and designers who sincerely love their work.

Royal Gems Pavilion Phuket

Open since 2004, Royal Gems Pavilion is visited each year by thousands of tourists from Taiwan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Russia, the CIS and the European Union who come here for, perhaps, the best jewelry shopping experience of their lives!

All that you see here will never be forgotten!
All that you acquire here will last you the rest of your life

Royal Gems Pavilion Phuket Royal Gems Pavilion Phuket

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4 stunning outdoor
Royal Gems Pavilion

The Royal Gems Pavilion pearl jewelry factory consists of four huge halls, located on two floors. It is here that you will begin your journey into the world of wealth, abundance and shimmering luxury

«Pearl» Hall

The richest selection of real pearls in Phuket. Here you will find classic style and extravagance, and see luxury bracelets, necklaces and earrings of both colored and monochrome stones. The Pearls in Royal Gems Pavilion are naturally cultured and come directly from the Andaman Sea, and are of the same high quality as naturally occuring pearls.

Ювелирные украшения


Within this layout of Jewelry stalls, visitors will be able to choose for themselves their individual decoration. The product range includes jewelry collections for women, men and children and is characterized by style, elegance and unique design.

Interior decorations Interior decorations

Interior decorations

The ability to please yourself and loved ones with an exquisite gift. In the hall are home furnishings, luxurious furniture and an amazing collection of paintings depicting scenes of Thai legends and tales of Buddhist mythology. All the paintings are accompanied by precious stones and adorned with gold.

Souvenir products

It is not neccessary to spend a lot of money to take home a piece of traditional Thai culture and way of life. Here you will find high quality Thai souvenirs in the form of elephant statues , great figures of Buddha, interesting decor items, jewelry and traditional Thai Spa products.

Guaranteed quality jewelry

Royal Gems Pavilion

Royal Gems International Jewelry Factory has been well known within Thailand for over 35 years. There are branches in Bangkok, Pattaya and Hong Kong.

The company has its own staff of professional designers who develop masterpieces of jewelry which are the envy of fashionista's worldwide.

Most of the stones for our jewelery come from the Kanchanaburi, Ubon Ratchathani, Praia and Sukhothai regions of Thailand.

Royal Gems Jewellery provide not only beautiful jewelry, but also offer a high level of customer service and professionalism, as well as many years of experience in the global market.

All jewels are of a high quality standard and come with a lifetime warranty

All precious products for sale are thoroughly processed and go through a series of spot checks to ensure their quality.